Black Pumps Community

Black Pumps is an organization that provides women the forum to

  • Network with women who are leaders in business, corporate and government agencies
  • Contribute ideas, collaborate and learn the tools for advancement
  • Elevate yourself and celebrate each other
  • Nurture themselves to be their personal best in health and leadership.
  • Be inspired and ignite the passion!

Membership is open to all professional and business black women (USA and Africa) with at least a Bachelor's degree or equivalent. Membership fee is $150 per year.

Junior Black Pumps membership is open to African college women and membership is $20 per year and can be waived.

We also offer honorary membership to any person who supports our mission and membership fee for honorary members is $175 per year.

Membership Benefits

  • Networking with other professionals across the USA and the world at large by participating in seminars, networking and career fairs, and the Black Pumps Annual Convention
  • Reduced registration fees in our annual conventions
  • Sponsorship/mentorship and the opportunity to be a mentor/sponsor
  • Online job posting board offers members a unique opportunity to view roles. Offers members a chance to fill the pipeline with qualified women.

Click here to download the membership application form.