Issues We Care About

Black Pumps' vision is that every black woman will thrive in her education, career, business and health.

Wellness Centers for Africa ("WWCA")

Our goal is to build world class Women Wellness Centers in Africa ("WWCA"). Our short term goal is to build and develop the first center which will be in Abuja, Nigeria. The average Nigerian woman living in Nigeria has not had the relevant education to inform her about her health as a woman—many of these women don't know how to screen themselves for lumps, how to identify abnormalities, or know there is preventative measures to protect against HIV/AIDs and unplanned pregnancy.

In Africa, the "glass ceiling" is triply enforced. Often women are discouraged by the difficulty in excelling in the professional world in a society that celebrates the man while insisting that women should submit. We can do better. We can create a culture where any woman can have the knowledge to confidently move forward in her career.

The WWCA will include:

a. Member only state of the art fitness center and spa
b. Conference/Training center for seminars, workshops and training
c. World Standard medical wing managed by Board certified physicians and counselors.
d. Mobile Clinic for our outreach program

Leadership and professional Development :

Our vision is that every black woman is at the top of her game and we accomplish this through:
e. Networking within and outside Black Pumps
f. Mentorship / sponsorship
g. Annual power packed leadership development conferences
h. Coaching and career development program

Black Pumps Scholar Programs –

for our collegestudents. We want to start them early. Black Pumps will focus on developing our college students through seminars, coaching, mentoring, workshops, internship identification and preparing them for their respective board exams, where applicable in the following following fields.
i. Black Pumps Scholar Programs for S.T.E.M
j. Black Pumps Scholar Programs for Finance and Accounting

Corporate Programs -

Black Pumps is moving the thinking on the issue of inclusion and diversity forward and to specifically include black women in the discussion ( A-WINing proposition). We are coming together to bring meaningful change to the corporate arena.
k. Proactive, conscious and strategic tools to encourage them to "lean in".
l. Recruiting, retention and promotion of black women
m. Access to human capital, the best and brightest.
n. Corporate social responsibility